Shipping & Returns
Cost of delivery of goods from / by:
For collection no, otherwise at cost DPD, Truck or KGT.
The timing of the delivery of goods is the date of the invoice or delivery note.
Visible transport damages and shortages must be reported to the delivery person upon delivery immediately and in writing within 2 working days.

Basically, the load calculation based on cost

Delivery of goods by the KGT
are 0,23 / calculated with net from Kiel km.
Export within the EU with DPD from stock Kiel as follows, per package:

BeNeLux € 11,40 Norway 1 * € 27,30
Denmark € 13,60 Austria € 12,60
France, Monaco € 16,38 Portugal € 27,02
UK € 18,20 Schweden € 18,20
Italy € 18,20 Switzerland, Lichtenstein 1 *
€ 13,60
€ 27,30 Spain € 27,02
1 * DAP = sender pays: freight, export, recipient pays: import, customs, import VAT.

Exports to the EC:
Only with advance payment, FCA Hamburg (Free agreed carrier), freight expenses at cost, export to non-EC business management areas only about a trucking company in the Hamburg or airport area, if necessary.