Termes et conditions

Method of Payment:
By selecting Ihrers Kundentart your free payment method is determined automatically, Public institutions will in the ordering process automatically taken into account (customer type) (purchase on Rechnug).
For deliveries within Germany, payment SDD Core 1 (Electronic Checks), the customer authorizes the candles wholesale Tams (hereinafter KGT) the invoice amount zuzüglichl any applicable freight charges (overview below) from the specified bank account to collect once from date of shipment, thus confirming the sufficient cover of his account. The invoice amounts are not skontierbar and payable no later than the target number. In the case of a return debit thereby accruing fees (eg bank charges) will be charged to the client, unless the client is responsible for the causes of the chargeback

Conclusion of the contract:
Your order will be binding by clicking the order button. The confirmation email is not an acceptance of the contract by the KGT. The assumption is made by a confirmation email.

Note on the right of withdrawal for individuals:
End users have a fourteen day return policy. Please inform the KGT before returning any items in order to avoid misunderstandings. A return is then carried out by DPD and be instructed by the KGT.
For details, see information, Withdrawal

Note on the right of withdrawal for professionals:
Is the purchase for both a commercial transaction, the buyer must inspect the goods immediately after delivery if this is feasible after proper course of business, and if a defect is to make the seller immediately display, otherwise the buyer loses his warranty claims (see also § 377).

Our terms and conditions are made exclusively on the basis of our terms and conditions. Any deviating conditions of purchase We do not recognize. Performance for all mutually from the delivery transaction resulting liabilities and sole place of jurisdiction is exclusively Kiel. The contract remains binding and enforceable legal force of parts of its terms, the remaining parts. It shall then replace the invalid parts of the legal terms and conditions. We show that we store data from the business relationship in the context of the admissibility of the BDSG and if and when the company Creditrefom Isert KG (only when payment default).

Export within EC:
Advance payment required, free transport carrier from Hamburg (as mutually agreed upon), freight charges according to expenditure, export to territories outside EC will only be Conducted by a logistics provider based in Hamburg at its free port or airport. While we did not set a minimum order value, we ask for a minimum shipment of one complete unit. Our courier service is DPD, mostly for shipments to adresses a bit further away; in closer proximity, we may send our Kerzengroßhandel Tams delivery van Payment and Delivery).

Terms of Delivery:
The Terms of Delivery are governed exclusively
We do not acknowledge Conditions of Purchase that vary from the ones laid out in our AGB.

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